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Kickstart your personal journey with my 5 Steps to Reliance Guide.
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Create an ideal vision for your life in the next five to ten years. Establish your ideal work, financial and relational situation. What's holding you back from achieving this vision?


Define your goals and dreams from your vision. Deduce both positive and negative belief systems. What is it that you are really looking for outside of your external desires?


Time to break it down. Clarify your yearly goals, next, monthly goals. From there, create your daily goal with actionable to-do's. What do you need to achieve intrinsically to make each day count?


Receive the encouragement and accountability you need to accomplish your dream. With one-on-one coaching, learn how to maintain a healthy mindset to achieve the life you desire.

How many times have you dared to dream big about the future of your business? Never? Yesterday? Currently? Did your left brain follow up with fear of failure? As adults, we are conditioned to separate business and personal life. As a business owner, however, that simply cannot be the case. You are your business. It’s time to examine your mindset and recognize where you have been holding back through fear of failure or even success.
Let's do this!


Enjoy more day-to-day freedom utilizing better time management which produces an increased confidence and self esteem. Decrease your stress and anxiety.


Learn flexibility with improved decision-making abilities and more focus and organization around meeting personal or professional goals. Increase overall effectiveness and productivity.


Discover a renewed joy and excitement for life with increased intuition and connection to inner wisdom. Have more clarity and direction regarding next steps in life. Subsequently, enjoy success in meeting established goals

"Cynthia helped me determine my goals and made me accountable to achieve these goals. She always motivated me and helped me to learn from my mistakes and overcome the failures I had in my life. I highly recommend Cynthia to be your coach and I am sure she will make a real difference in your life."

Alaa Abu-Dieh
Audit Manager at Mazars | Entrepreneur | CPA Exam Coach

"Cynthia was able to come up with a solution for me by drawing attention to things I normally would not have thought of as obstacles. Cynthia was very honest and professional so I did not have trouble taking advice from her. I have become more productive in all my responsibilities and this is actually reflecting on the success of my ministry and profession. Cynthia is very knowledgeable, patient, reliable, and professional."

Akosua Dankwa
Registered Nurse and Minister

"Cynthia is purposeful, intelligent and a natural leader she possesses the ability bring out the best in others. Cynthia has an ability to identify strengths and weaknesses; then based off those evaluations she strategically develops plans that will strengthen the trouble areas as well as maximize strengths to a greater level of productivity. Cynthia is an amazing business leader, mentor, coach and momprenuer."

LaQuita Monley
VP of Monley Innovations LLC | VP of M5 Real Estate Solutions LLC

"Working with Cynthia broadened my perspective on what I can do better in terms of running a successful Virtual Summit. Her meekness could be felt as gave me feedback on the questions I asked her. I highly recommend talking with her if you'd need an outside perspective that will help you succeed in your endeavors!"

Gloria Ann
Life Coach

"My experience with Royalty Mindset has been absolutely phenomenal! The reoccurring reminders of how to make not just myself but my future business and life plans better has inspired me! Highly suggest this program to anyone! "

Zainab Nicholas
Teacher and Entrepreneur

As a first-generation college student, Cynthia began her career in  Cybersecurity with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a double master's in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Policy. She worked her way through college with limited support. Fortunately, she had her husband by her side as she completed her master's degrees. As she entered the male-dominated field of cybersecurity, Cynthia had to learn how to show up with confidence to avoid dismissal which many women struggle with. It was at this job she realized her ability to empower other women to become fearless in pursuing their purpose. 

She now has accumulated 20 years of experience in mindset coaching personally and professionally and she has helped many women on and offline pursue their goals with courage and continues to watch them succeed. 

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