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Personal Goal Setting for the New Year 2022

Dec 29, 2021

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebrating bygone of the past year and welcoming what lies ahead. With a new year just around the corner, now is a wonderful time to start thinking about the plans and goals you want to achieve in the next year. Here are some pointers to help you in setting big goals and see them through.

Getting Started

Consider the following categories first: spiritual and personal development, relationships, career, finances, and health. Are there any other key areas...

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Knowing the True Spirit of Christmas

Dec 22, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

We're already in the midst of the Christmas frenzy. The days are getting shorter and the nights are becoming longer now that everyone is thinking about gifts. When most people are asked what the holiday season means to them, they say "gifts" and "family."  

Christmas gifts are mainly reserved for children, it's a lovely time for those who are surrounded by friends and family. We are currently with family in Atlanta and so happy to be...

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Gratitude List: 9 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2021

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to food, friendship, and family. It’s also a good opportunity to take a breather, reflect on our lives and thing of the things we’re grateful for.

Even though we should always be thankful, it is much easier to express our gratitude during the thanksgiving season.

I’ve put together a list of nine reasons to be grateful this holiday season.

  1. Gratitude recharges your mind

Before we get into what we should be thankful for, there's one major...

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The Why, What and When of Career Transition

Nov 02, 2021

 Over the course of our lives, we experience numerous personal and professional transitions.

 As you navigate transitions, it may be beneficial to reconnect with what you genuinely want for yourself in your next job. Doing this will enable you to see your work and career (what you do and where you do it) in a way that is personally meaningful, engaging, satisfying, and in alignment with who you are and your values.

 If you are to ask successful leaders or those who have...

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9 Steps to Achieving Desirable Goals

Sep 23, 2021

You are in the home stretch for 2021.  How close are you to achieving your goals?  I know you can get overwhelmed and maybe things will seem like they are not going to work out, but you are just one decision away from completing and achieving your heart desires!  September is the perfect month to revisit and adjust to having a successful 2021. 

Just believe and for some added support.  Here are 9 practical and strategic steps that you can implement today to start...

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How to Master Your Mind by Controlling Your Thoughts

Aug 26, 2021


Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for creating good in your life, but it can also be the most destructive force in your life if not used correctly. Controlling your thoughts entails influencing how you conduct your life.

According to what I've heard, the average human has roughly 70,000 thoughts per day. That's a lot of thoughts, especially if they're unproductive, self-abusive, or just a waste of energy in general.

You can let your mind wander, but why would you want to?...

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Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life

Aug 19, 2021

It's becoming increasingly evident to me that having a remarkable life isn't about having a lot of money, climbing the corporate ladder, getting fancy titles, or having 15 minutes of fame. The approval of others is another place where you'll never find an outstanding existence, especially if you're doing what you think everyone expects of you.

If you want to live an extraordinary life, you must first recognize and appreciate the outstanding aspects of your life. Something in your life is...

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Dare to Be Yourself – and Surely You’ll Live a Purposeful Life

Aug 05, 2021

The simple fact that so many of us are separated from who we truly are is one of life's greatest tragedies– and a source of so much sorrow.

We are all essentially the same. We are all the Self –pure, limitless awareness

Yet, for everyone of us, this awareness, this consciousness, manifests in different ways.

It's critical to remember that. Suffering is unavoidable if we don't, and if we aren't genuine to ourselves.  

We jeopardize ourselves and our integrity when we...

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9 Goal Setting Tools to Help You Succeed

Jul 28, 2021

Goal Setting is valuable in personal growth.  The life you aspire to live is important because you inspire to live this life!   Over the month of July, we have been going over ways to support you in your personal development goals.  Like overcoming limiting beliefs, Finding motivation, and Working through success to create a good foundation.

My desire is to support you on your journey to create your personal and business development plans.  You can use old-fashioned...

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Are Your Limiting Beliefs Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals

Jul 21, 2021

Everyone has conscious or subconscious ideas that can become limiting beliefs that stop us from achieving our goals if we let them. Sometimes these beliefs are instilled in us in childhood and sometimes we create them ourselves. An example of a limiting belief that can get in your way of success is how you see yourself with money.

If you believe you will always struggle and always be poor, chances are you’ll set yourself up for failure. Your limiting belief that you’re poor and...

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