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9 Goal Setting Tools to Help You Succeed

Goal Setting is valuable in personal growth.  The life you aspire to live is important because you inspire to live this life!   Over the month of July, we have been going over ways to support you in your personal development goals.  Like overcoming limiting beliefs, Finding motivation, and Working through success to create a good foundation.

My desire is to support you on your journey to create your personal and business development plans.  You can use old-fashioned paper and pen to make and set your goals, but what's the fun in that? Today there are so many wonderful online tools and software.  That can help make goal setting fun and easy. When something is fun and easy, you're more likely to stick to it long enough to actually achieve the success you desire. 

  1. Goal-Buddy Using this cloud-based software you can name, set, and manage your goals easily. It leads you step-by-step through questions for what your goals are so that they are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) goals. Then you can use the system to track your goals through milestones that you set as the days go by.
  1. Mint If you need to get control over your finances, want to set up goals such as establishing a six-month emergency savings account, start a business and other goals, you can use this software to track your financial success and projections. 
  1. Trello This is really a project management system, but any goal has to have actionable steps involved or milestones and tasks to take to reach success. You can use Trello for any type of actionable steps and it will even email you a reminder to do the task. This can work with your business life or personal life.  This is my preferred project management tool. 

  1. Google Calendar Where were we before Google Calendar came alone? Unorganized, for sure. This is such a handy calendar that you can use for the most important areas of your life. Be it, family, personal, financial, or physical you can set your goals and work your way back inserting actionable steps and tasks to do each day. You can then let it email you a daily task list so you never leave anything out.   
  1. Pinterest  OK who doesn't have Pinterest?  I use this amazing software for personal and business goals and vision.  Being one of the largest social media sites out there, Pinterest allows you to discover, share, and compile visual content (videos, images, infographics, etc.) on your board. In this way, you can use this website to create a vision board online.  
  1. Lifetick If you want a very in-depth goal-setting software, this is it. It helps you traverse the four important areas where you should be setting goals and then view how they overlap and work with each other. This software helps you define your core values, and develop S.M.A.R.T. goals as well as track everything.

  1. GoalsOnTrack This software is a lot like Lifetick but has features that help you chunk down any goal into reasonable and easy-to-follow steps. Their whole idea is that you want to do less but get more. This software's features encompass the 80/20 rule and put it to work for goal setting and achieving. 
  1. Goalscape If you like to visualize your goals in pictures, charts, and graphs then you might like Goalscape. You'll create a kind of wheel with your goal in the middle and everything you need to do to reach the goal will circle it. So you can see it in one glance. 
  1. Smart Goals Templates If you like templates, these are some free goal-setting templates that are based on filling in the blanks for your goals. They will help you go over the various goals setting steps.  Needed to achieve results in both your personal life and career and business life.

 Whichever type of software (if any) you might be like me and still like the paper and pen.  Know that goal setting and goal realization are up to you. The important thing is that you visualize the results of any goal, write it out, and then take steps toward achieving the goal.  


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