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How to Find Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

goal setting motivation Jul 13, 2021

Goal Setting is an aspect of life that is essential.  I believe now is a great time to revisit and explore are your goals working for you?  By definition, goal setting is the act of selecting a target or objective you wish to achieve.  One of the biggest mistakes you make when seeking to achieve your goals is to wait for inspiration and motivation.  The truth is that some days you will just not feel like working on your goals.  Motivation is good but you will need to think more about productivity in order to follow through.  Thinking about what you need to do to achieve a goal.

The goal can be set by you or your employer as it really doesn't matter but the objective is to get it done.  You must realize that only doing is necessary which does not require any motivation.  Waiting for inspiration to hit will not carry you to the finish line but just doing get the job done!

 Motivation Doesn't Exist

You have probably heard of the myth of starving artists who can't paint or a writer with writer's block.  The most successful writer just writes.  Steven King writes every day.  Some creative professions have the same myth, like weight loss, that some secret motivation has to come to achieve success - some mysterious spark of inspiration that will get you off your bottom doing what you need to get done.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Doing, Not Thinking, Gets Results

The truth is you want to be hugely successful in your life you will not wait for a spark.  They are people who get up out of bed, every single day, rain, or shine, and do the things that lead to the end result in some will say it's mundane but it's those small habits that add up over time.  The successful painter paints every single day and if they hate marketing, they hire someone to do that for them.  The successful writer writes the successful doctor doctors.  If you want to be successful then do it, live it, you will succeed.

Successful People Are  Not Smarter  Than You

Many people get blocked by thinking that someone is better than, smarter than, or anything than them.  The truth is, successful people aren't smarter.  Take anyone who you think is successful.  Without exception, they are simply people who do their craft every single day, and more times than not they are simply being themselves.   They are doing, not thinking about it, not dreaming about it they are just doing what they love.  Rejection does not hold them back when they are rejected, they get up and do it again.

Envision Success

Many people think that vision boards are a bunch of hocus pocus but the ruth is being able to truly visualize yourself experiencing success will go a long way.  You might be good at seeing it in your mind and believing it but for others, it takes more.  Try a vision board if you have not done so and see how your vision comes to reality.  I do one every year and keep them all so I can go back and mark off my achievements one by one.

Follow a Schedule

I cannot stress this enough doers do.  Successful people do.  A to-do list is a great start, but you have to progress beyond the to-do list.  You will need to create a schedule you can live with.  My schedule development is still growing.  I believe I have found one I can live with. If you want to write a 10,000-word eBook to sell to your target audience, you will start at the ending to create the beginning of your schedule.    Create a schedule that is realistic, and you can follow to get the work done.

Experience Success

Set some smaller goals so that oi can feel what success is like "Feeling is the Secret".  If you do not know what success feels like then this is a good way to get started.  People who experience success lit to experience it again, and the more success you experience, the more you're going to realize you can do it.   It's self-fulfilling.

Repeat  Everything

Finally, keep doing it over and over again.  With anything, you want to achieve, set the goal,  track your success, and do something every single day toward achieving your goal.  Again and again.  It's really that simple.

Motivation is a figment of your imagination, and not something that most people have.   Most people get up in the morning by hitting the snooze button a few times, and few feel especially happy doing what they do.  What you will feel happy about is the end result, the deliverable, and what you become in the process.  Place your focus on the end result and start doing.


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