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Personal Goal Setting for the New Year 2022

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebrating bygone of the past year and welcoming what lies ahead. With a new year just around the corner, now is a wonderful time to start thinking about the plans and goals you want to achieve in the next year. Here are some pointers to help you in setting big goals and see them through.

Getting Started

Consider the following categories first: spiritual and personal development, relationships, career, finances, and health. Are there any other key areas you'd like to concentrate on this year? Include them in the list!

Evaluate where you are in each category for the current year on a scale of 1 to 10. After you've evaluated yourself for the current year, do the same for where you want to be at the conclusion of the next year. The category that has seen the most growth (most likely) represents your top priority.

Now, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I really want?
  • Why is it important to me to achieve?
  • What has prevented me from achieving this?
  • How will I get it? 
  • How will I know it worked? (What does your 2018 rating look like?)
  • What can I do more/less of?
  • What do I want to continue?


Change Your Thinking

Don't let yourself think, "What if I fail?" Instead, consider how fantastic it would be if you were to succeed!

Another thing you can do is to identify any obstacles or other factors that may prevent you from accomplishing your objectives. Adjust your plans as needed, but don't change your goal unless absolutely necessary. "Be adamant about your aims, yet flexible about your tactics," in other words.

Also, find a partner who will hold you accountable (or two, or more). Regularly checking in with someone can help you keep accountable for achieving your objectives. You'll want to deliver a positive report to your accountability partner, which will encourage you to keep going.

Set SMART Goals

Setting a SMART objective is the most efficient approach to attain your goals, as I'm sure you've all heard. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Staying Focused

Tasks are enjoyable at first, but your skills may be insufficient at times. It's simple to become bored as your skill level rises but the "challenge" does not. On the other hand, you may set a goal that is excessively difficult, causing worry if you have a limited skill set. What are your strategies for dealing with boredom and anxiety?

"Is this tough enough?" ask yourself if you start to get bored. Ask yourself, "Do I have enough skill?" if you start to feel anxious.

You enter what's known as the "FLOW" when your skills match the task. To stay in this flow, work on improving your talents or increasing your difficulty. Keep in mind that success is never simple, but it is always worthwhile!

If you're having trouble putting in the effort, it's conceivable that this objective isn't as essential to you as you thought, and it's time to talk to your accountability partner and mentor about it.


Forming Habits

Set a reminder - Something more than an alarm clock, something that reminds you of your "why."

Create a habit - This is where you should concentrate! Creating a routine will aid in the development of the habit.

Don't get caught up in the reward – This is where the majority of people get stuck. It's fine to start with the end in mind sometimes, but other times you might be in such a hurry to get there that you neglect critical steps along the way, and things won't turn out the way you planned. Plan for cheat days and/or days when you know you won't be able to complete tasks, and accept that it’s okay.

Relapse is a part of the process - There will be days when you just don't get things done, and that is part of the process. That's fine! Rather than feeling bad, focus your energy on the restart.

Reclaim your confidence.

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