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Gratitude List: 9 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to food, friendship, and family. It’s also a good opportunity to take a breather, reflect on our lives and thing of the things we’re grateful for.

Even though we should always be thankful, it is much easier to express our gratitude during the thanksgiving season.

I’ve put together a list of nine reasons to be grateful this holiday season.

  1. Gratitude recharges your mind

Before we get into what we should be thankful for, there's one major reason you should be grateful: it's beneficial for you. Counting your blessings is more than a cliché. Studies have been found that regular expressions of thankfulness lowers blood pressure, reduce anxiety and sadness, and even improve sleep.  I will encourage you to start daily writing what you are grateful for.  Take time in the morning or night to write down 3 things you are grateful for and see how you will have more things to be grateful for. 

  1. Your Home

Your house is much more than just a place to sleep. It's a safe haven and a place to call home. It houses all your important memories that can’t be beaten by any other grand place.  For all the things that was provided to you by the roof over your head and the floor beneath your feet,  it deserves your utmost gratitude.

  1. Your Relationships

This is the time of year to focus on the people you surround yourself with, whether you're enjoying the holidays with your parents and siblings or with your adopted family. Focus on spending time with them especially your family rather than making sure everything is picture-perfect when you welcome them into your home this holiday season.

  1. Your Work

This COVID period left people out of jobs although there were still a lot who managed to keep and rise from this pandemic. If you are one of those people, consider yourself blessed. Having a job at this period is certainly a blessing. Show your gratitude by always doing your utmost best at work.  Sometimes you can get wrapped up in not seeing the benefit that your current job is providing.  So take the time and really show gratitude for where you are and become thankful for where you are going. 

  1. Your Good Health

Be grateful if you're in good health! It wouldn't be possible to run a marathon or climb a flight of stairs without a healthy body. It is something that even the wealthiest people in the world are wishing for. Treat your body right by feeding it with good food and getting enough sleep. Your body in turn will surely give you the strength and energy you need to do all the things you need to do .

  1. Your time to eat holiday food and traditions

What would the holidays be like if we didn't get to eat our favorite foods? It's a season of abundance, from turkey to pie and everything in between. Don't get too wrapped up in the planning to truly enjoy and appreciate the occasion.

  1. Your time to relax 

It's all too easy to succumb to holiday stress, especially if you're hosting. This is also a good moment to unwind and let go. Allow yourself the opportunity. You've earned it!

  1. Your possessions

There's nothing wrong with expressing gratitude for material possessions. Take in the beauty of the season, from gorgeous floors to holiday decorations, and be happy for what you have to celebrate it with.

  1. Yourself

Finally, give yourself credit for what you put into and what you get out of life! So much in your life is made possible by your hustle and decisions. You have earned the right to not just appreciate it, but also to be thankful for everything you've done to make it possible.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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