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24 Expert Guests

Hear from entrepreneurial experts as they provide you the tools to reach your goals and, ultimately, achieve your life purpose. Learn how to pivot, not panic!

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Productivity & Mindset Topics

Listen to speakers who have had to learn how to have pivot themselves in their careers after reaching the top.

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Freebies and Tools

Get the tools to hone in on your inner voice and start your journey into the next phase of your entrepreneurship. Find the freedom and fulfillment that comes with walking in your destiny.


Get access to GAME-CHANGING materials!

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Manifest the life you desire.
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Learn how to transition from corporate lifestyle to entrepreneur.
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Learn how to recognize your greater calling, not just career path.
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Grow your business while investing in your family.
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Recognize limiting beliefs and learn to believe in your value and worth.
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Create a positive mindset that sticks.
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Silja Thor

Serial Entrepreneurial, Startup Coach and Mentor

“Go from 0 to 100 Clients in Months or Less”
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Jamie Steele

Founder of Tidy Your Time

“Time Mapping, Technology, and Efficiency”
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Kyrsti Turznik

Wellness, Empowerment, and Spiritual Coach (20+ Years)

“Effectively Establish your Boundaries”
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Lovely Abbott

Branding Social Media Designer and Amazon-Bestseller Author

“How to Grow your Business without Self-Sabotaging”
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Linda Ho

CEO and Founder of Abundant Mindset

“Break Through Limitations to Get in Touch with your True Essence”
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Robin Bela

Inspirational Speaker, Life and Purpose Coach, and Author

“Energy Work and the Support to Make the Inner Transformation”
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Denise Lee

Business Coach

"Build your Business through Confidence and Untapped Potential”
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Winanda Van Delft

Wellness and Mindset Coach

“How to Trust your Dreams"
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Carla George

Life and Purpose Coach

“How to Trust Your Instincts”
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Jeanet Bathoorn

Business Coach, Author,  and Founder of Freedom Entrepreneurial (15+ Years)

“How to Leave the 9-5 Behind and Start Your Own Business”
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Margo Marsi

MM Accounting & CFO Solutions (16+ Years)

“How to Effectively Work with Others Through Pain and Healing”
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Shweta Shyamani

Kellogg MBA, Marketing Expert, and Energy Coach

“Rekindle Your Inner Fire”
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Hayley Luckaddo

Founder of Luckaddo Media, Serial Entrepreneur

“How to Take Disappointments and Change it into a Success”
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Cassie Mackenzie

Makeover your Mindset, Life and Business Coach

“Manifestation to Build a Life of Freedom and Money”
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Chella Diaz

Money Relationship Coach, Author, and Speaker

“Learn How to Date Your Money”
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Fiyin Obayan

CEO at Okiki Consulting-Podcast Host and Speaker

“Tell Your Brand Story Through Video Content on LinkedIn”
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Joan Nwosu

Business and Career Coach

“Change Career Direction After Failure”
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Kimberley Wiggins

Empowerment Coach

“Moving From Corporate to Entrepreneurial”
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Robin Smith

Social Media Marketer

“Making Time for Your Business During  Busy Months”
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Jennifer Tamborski

CEO & Chief Strategist for Virtual Marketing Experts (20+ Years)

“Helping Clients Move from Brick and Mortar to Online”
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Solara Rose

Infinite Love Best Selling Author, and Energy Expert

“How to Develop and Embrace Your Natural Flow of Abundance”
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LaQuita Monley

M5 Real Estate Solutions & Monley Innovations

“How to Develop and Implement a Life of Leadership”
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Destini Copp

Marketing Expert (20+Years)

“Pivot Your Career and Experience Success”
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Tasmin Sabar

Mindset & Business Confidence Coach

"Leaping from Corporate into Your Own Business”
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Kelly Harris

Thank you so much for doing this summit! I have enjoyed all of the speakers thus far and I especially resonated with Robin Bela. I work at a church and I loved what she had to say. I just love you and think you are wonderful. You are a beautiful lady and I love your laugh! I am a Certified Virtual Expert in the Expert VE Group with Jennifer Tamborski. She is the reason I signed up for this summit and I am so glad I did!

A Note from Cynthia

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Are you tired of not having time for your business? Or maybe you don’t know your purpose and don’t know what direction you should take. That’s why I brought over 21 experts so you can find time to create the results you want, thrive in your business, career, or personal life, to have the success you deserve.

So what are you waiting for?

I want in!
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